1920s Showcase

Event Decor

The Charleston was all the rage, prohibition was on, but the bathtub gin was flowing! Password protected doors allowed entry into a world of dancing, gambling and extravagant style from short-cropped bobs to bold colored zoot suits.

IT’S YOUR PARTY brings the era to life with murals, classic cars and entertaining complements to tie it all together. Infuse high-class elegance to a holiday dinner with beaded linens and pearl accented floral centerpieces. Enhance the back alley drama of a Murder Mystery with gaslight street lights and brick wall facades.

1920s Street decor with Dick Tracy cutout

Activities & Entertainment

A 16-ft vintage Rolls Royce prop provides a classic Photo Op backdrop for guests to dress-essorize in flamboyant 1920s style with fedoras and cloche hats, feather boas and fur coats, beads, cigarette holders and Tommy gun replicas to add moll or mob boss authenticity. Partygoers can enjoy the fun and capture the memory with a souvenir digital photo in a folio folder.

Dressing up at a 1920s themed event

Themed Props

Bring fun, fantasy and flair to your next special occasion. Theme props and decor can dress up a blank ballroom, energize a sales meeting, transport party guests to a faraway land, add a colorful twist to a trade show or graduation, and visual magic to your prom or wedding reception. Props marked with an asterisk are delivery only.

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