Event Decor

The crowd is doing the wave in the bleachers, the smell of hotdogs and popcorn is in the air, and the jumbotron is zooming in on the last play of the game. Whatever your jersey color, whether you’re a fan or a participant, IT’S YOUR PARTY brings the excitement of the stadium or field to your event with colorful décor, props and themed activities.

From referee striped linens to 8-ft tall basketball players, race car murals to miniature tailgate grill centerpieces, our team has what you need to make your next event a winner. Grab a foam finger and pose in front of a 50-yard line photo op backdrop. Jump around with members of the UW marching band at a surprise cocktail hour performance.

entrance sign

Activities & Entertainment

Race to the finish on inflatable horses, knock off your opponent at Joust or Shuffleboard, or ski down the slopes in virtual Wii and Xbox competition. From Hockey and Soccer backdrop games to the 16-ft inflatable Wrecking Ball, IT’S YOUR PARTY pumps up the action with a variety of interactive challenges to keep your guests engaged and having fun.

UW Marching band

Themed Props

Bring fun, fantasy and flair to your next special occasion. Theme props and decor can dress up a blank ballroom, energize a sales meeting, transport party guests to a faraway land, add a colorful twist to a trade show or graduation, and visual magic to your prom or wedding reception. Props marked with an asterisk are delivery only.

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IYP mascots