Work and play go hand in hand. Whether it’s interactive entertainment to reduce stress, creative games to get people networking or organized challenges to promote creative thinking and problem solving, IT’S YOUR PARTY offers a variety of opportunities to bring people together and energize the team. Our programs are always being updated and can be customized to incorporate company branding and incentives.

team building activity

Team Olympics:

Combining mental and physical challenges, this coordinated competition tests and energizes mind and body through creative group participation. A great activity for all abilities running the gamut from team cheers to obstacle courses.

Survivor Challenge:

Maximize teamwork and personal skills in an Island or Adventure environment. Creative challenges incorporate unique and varied concepts from solving puzzles to building structures as teams race against the clock and each other in a themed environment.

Icebreaker Games:

Whether attendees come from across the country or work together at the same company location, these activities will be sure to have them working together and getting to know each other in a fun and interactive way.

Golf Tournament:

Challenge your putting skills and qualify for the playoff round as you play 9 uniquely sculpted greens on this 2000 square foot course. Rubber headed, putters, score cards and an optional 10th hole Golf Chip Challenge add to the fun.

Additional Team Building & Networking Favorites:

two team building activities

Contact us for a more comprehensive list and descriptions of exciting team building concepts from IT'S YOUR PARTY.

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