Challenging, entertaining and loaded with comedic interaction, our mystery shows turn your guests into suspects and sleuths, letting them deduce their way to the end of the show, where they uncover a murderer!

Everyone gets involved; it's like a "live action Clue game." Audience members are pre-selected to play Suspects. The remaining audience members are Detectives and the hilarious improv style pulls many of them into the action. Everyone gets the chance to solve the crime as none of the Suspects know which one is the "killer."

murder mystery actors

Trained actors interact during cocktails and dinner dropping clues. Following dinner, the actors present the wrap up and reveal the murderer(s). Guests who correctly guess "Who Dunnit" can be awarded a prize.

murder mystery actor

IT'S YOUR PARTY offers additional props, decor and entertainment to enhance the murder mystery format from live music to photo opportunities to casino games. Some of our most popular themes are:

murder mystery parties in action
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